Respect My Authoritah

AUTHORITY is the term we use to talk about how influential or important someone is to his or her audience. 

There are two kinds of authority:

Evergreen Authority

Evergreen authority is all about being found by search engines and being seen as an important long-term resource for your audience. We have a guide, Creating Evergreen Content that talks all about this.

Social Authority

Social authority is all about being an important resource NOW. It's a much shorter-term thinking model, but equally important. To build social authority, you must provide VALUE to your social media audience. 

One of the easiest ways to create unique value is to partner with Unsynd and the Unsynd Podcast guests. Think about using your social media to lift up the other Unsynd guests instead of yourself. When you promote their episodes, your audience will come to understand that you are a true fan of music and a tastemaker too. They'll come to value your leadership and rely upon you for discovering new and important ideas. As a karmic side-effect, helping Unsynd guests also might help you when they return the favor or pay it forward. You never know where helping will get you, but it's always a good place.

So build your social authority the easy way. Be a good Unsynd citizen! SHARE AND RETWEET OTHER UNSYND GUEST DROPS. If we can learn to help promote each other, we can all rise. If an episode drops and it's not yours, share and retweet the good news and invite your audience to get to know this guest artist. Fans and colleagues like helpful and positive people. Let it begin with you.