How to CRUSH an Interview

Being interviewed isn't quite the same as singing. If you've never done it before, check out Tina Fey’s Rules of Improvisation That Will Change Your Life.

The interview is an open format. I don't have a set list of questions, but I do like to cover these topics:

  • A little about your personal life - who you are off stage and what matters to you in life
  • What you think makes a good song
  • How you view your relationship with your fans
  • How you "work a crowd"
  • What you are doing today that is generating revenue
  • Your biggest setback, how you handled it, and what lesson you learned
  • What you're looking forward to
  • A live performance
  • What you would do if you had to start over today, with all your experience but none of your contacts.
  • How you stay motivated
  • The best piece of advice you ever received
  • Your gear recommendation
  • Your book recommendation

Come ready to play your latest single LIVE during your interview. Why? We'll send an exclusive MP3 link of your performance to our entire mailing list and then send you the email addresses of anybody who downloads it. It's a huge chance to build a lasting audience.

Come ready with a favorite book and favorite gear recommendation. We will feature these on your episode page and also add them to our resource library with your byline. In other words, anyone who is browsing our gear directory or book library will know that YOU recommended it. It's one more place our audience sees your name.