How to Create a Magnet

In marketing terms, a MAGNET is anything you can trade for someone's email address. They give an email address, you give a download.

Why is a magnet so important? Because it helps you develop a permanent, long-term relationship with someone. Social media will come and go, but an email address is among the most valuable connections you can have.

When you come on the Unsynd Podcast or write a guide for the Unsynd web site, we encourage you to create a lead magnet. This can be an MP3, a PDF, or any other type of downloadable content. If it's exclusive to Unsynd, even better. The point is to create a compelling value proposition so the listener or reader will be willing to trade their email address in exchange for your valuable content.

You get any email addresses we collect from your magnets. These magnets say here in perpetuity, meaning you could possibly get hundreds or thousands of contacts over the years to come. Plant the seed and watch it grow.