How to CRUSH IT on the Unsynd Podcast and get thousands of new fans

IMG_1661 squareYes!!! You’re going to be featured on the Unsynd Podcast!

I’m Ben Allfree, a singer/songwriter and the host of the Unsynd Podcast. This guide shows you all the steps you need to prepare for your day on the Unsynd Podcast. If this is your first time on the podcast, don’t sweat it. I’ll do all the heavy lifting, you just need to have a Skype connection and a good spirit.

If you are up to do more than that, this guide tells you how to CRUSH IT and be the beaust geaust evar AND get thousands of new fans. Being on Unsynd represents a HUGE opportunity if we work together and DO THE RIGHT THINGS to get the Unsynd audience and your fans engaged, and to build both our audiences.

Step by Step

  1. Kickoff Call. Everything begins with a kickoff call. Just human beings talking. We talk about what Unsynd is, how we can best help you, answer all your questions, and schedule a followup. It's important to say again, this guide is HUGE and we don't expect you to do it on your own, or even know how. I am publishing it because I want you to know everything that goes into making an amazing experience for everyone involved.
  2. Guest Questionnaire. I want to make the most of this opportunity for everyone. So before we record, I need all the info we will be using during the show. We have an online Guest Questionnaire that takes the guesswork out of things. This is the only part that really falls on you. We need your info before we can make a great podcast.
  3. Sound Check. If you are recording remotely, we like to schedule a separate sound check so we can make sure all the software and hardware is set up properly.
  4. Create a Magnet. A magnet is any type of content or download that someone will trade their email address to gain access. THIS is a critical step to making the most of this opportunity by gaining hundreds or even thousands of new contacts. Read our guide How to How to Create a Magnet to get excited about this.
  5. Recording Day. The big day! Come with a positive attitude and a song to sing if you have one. Want to be an excellent guest and keep your audience engaged? Read our Interview Guide.
  6. Choose a Drop Date. We want the podcast to benefit your schedule as much as possible. To the extent that we can, we will publish your podcast on the date you request. Sometimes we can't nail an exact day because of scheduling conflicts, but we do everything we can. After your recording is done, we edit and mix it. This can take a week sometimes. Once we're done and it's in the can, we will contact you about selecting a Drop Date. That's the date the episode will air. All episodes are released at 3AM Pacific Time on the drop date. So if your drop date is Tuesday, January 2nd, then we will drop in the wee early morning of January 2nd. Once we have a drop date and all your guest info, it's time to lay out for a bit.
  7. Start Buzzing. For FIVE DAYS AROUND your event, buzz to social media, sites, and mailing lists. Seriously, you can't do this enough. Read our guide, How to How to Create Buzz to learn more about how to do this.
  8. Followup Call. Now that you're done with the big media push, I want to have a quick call with you to make sure everything went okay and to see if there is anything I can do to make things even better next time. Also, about next time...It's very likely that we want to have you on again in 6-12 months, because we want to know how things are going. Sometimes Unsynd produces immediate results, sometimes it's a slow burn. I'll mark you for followup in 6-12 months and see if you want to be on the podcast again. Here's where your good citizenry pays off for you: I tend to re-book guests who are team players with both us and other artists, because that's one of the tools of success.
  9. Become Evergreen. Consider following up WITHIN 30 DAYS by writing an uplifting, educational, and inspirational article for Unsynd. Read the guide, Creating Evergreen Content, to get excited about this idea.
  10. Become an Authority. Continue promoting and boosting other Unsynd guests to further develop your reputation as a tastemaker. Read our guide, Respect My Authoritah, to get excited about this.