Creating Evergreen Content

One of the most powerful ways to develop and grow your audience is by becoming "evergreen". When you are evergreen, your work continues to work for you while you sleep, and for years to come.

To become evergreen, you must create valuable content that people truly appreciate. Your evergreen content can be a growing collection of songs, videos, how-to guides, short stories, blog posts, or anything else you can imagine. The key is to OWN YOUR CONTENT. Posts on social media do NOT count as evergreen content. Social media posts are ephemeral; they expire, get buried, and are not easily searchable. Evergreen content is easily discoverable by major search engines and resides with you in a way that boosts your own web site's authority. 

When you're on the Unsynd podcast, you have a tremendous opportunity to create evergreen content that will build your audience for years to come. Each time you're a guest on Unsynd, you get to write one article for Unsynd within 30 days of your drop. It's optional, but I recommend that you consider doing it because it can mean thousands more fans. The article is mailed out to everyone on our list, and plugged on our social media, so you get featured AGAIN. It is also another opportunity to create an exclusive download for our audience and gather email addresses.

Writing an article gives us another reason to put your name in front of our audience, and it gives you another reason to create some social media buzz for yourself. As well, through our system of Artists helping Artists, you'll build your audience even more.

Check out Writing for Unsynd for more details.