Strangely Enough

Much like a small furry mammal at the end of the last ice age I was faced with a choice: Change or Die.

Like it or not change was happening anyway. My band Black As Blue played our last gig at our spiritual home in Andy’s big apple shed, my friends were leaving for South America, and I was finally finishing uni. When asked by family or friends what I was doing I struggled to answer.

So I did what anyone would have done and absolutely refused to face reality. Instead, I bought some good socks, stored my junk at Dad’s and left the country for as long as it took my savings to drain out of my bank card. I still wasn’t dead, so I knew that it was time to change. It was time to take the disparate bits of music I had around me and make something I could call my own, that I could present of and to myself. Something that made use of those plane tickets, gigs and HECS debt. I took a bit of guitar, violin and a few sparks from a computer’s brain, I sang and strummed it into a microphone. It’s called Strangely Enough. Hope you like it.