#015: Rose – Champagne Showers

About Rose

Rose's sound is infecting Croatia with new senses and ideas.

Originally born in Bosnia and Hercegovina, moved to the USA when I was 2. Parents moved back to Croatia when I was 15. Trying to move back!

Deep Cut: Bonus Download

Champagne Showers (192kbps MP3)

Rose's first single ever. Made on a Makay workstation with efferbit fx.

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GOOD WTHR is a hip hop group from Burlington, Vermont featuring rappers Pro (The Aztext) and Kin (UnKommon).

After years of performing in separate groups and sharing the stage with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Lupe Fiasco, Pro and Kin crossed path’s when a mutual friend and bandmate tragically passed away (RIP DJ BP). Inspired by a poem written to honor him*, Pro and Kin found that music was a useful outlet to channel their grief and celebrate life.

Midnight Ambassador


Not a SoundCloud rapper.

Gear Picks

Rose used this gear to get to the next level.

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