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Inspiring chats with today's unsigned artists, bands, and industry professionals.

#015: Rose – Champagne Showers

January 25, 2018

Rose demos his new single Champagne Showers and talks about how to stay sharp.

#014: Elliott Wan – Wonderland

January 24, 2018

About Elliott Wan Today we sit down to rock it with Elliott Wan from Hong Kong! Elliott is a 17 year-old rock musician from Hong Kong. Recently released a 4-track EP, which genre spans from pop punk to alt rock to ballads. Deep Cut Download Love what you’re hearing? Elliott Wan has prepared an exclusive…

#013: KICdude – I Can Feel Alive Again

January 23, 2018

About KICdude This man wears a mask and glasses so people can listen to his music and not judge based on his face. Deep Cut Download Love what you’re hearing? KICdude has prepared an exclusive download for Unsynd! We’ll forward your info to KICdude so you can keep in touch directly, too. Title: I Can Feel…

#012: Unsynd – A Call for Guests

January 22, 2018

Today, we send a shout-out for guests! If YOU want to be featured in a 1-minute interview on the Unsynd podcast, contact me via Facebook or Unsynd.com. https://youtu.be/UjOdkBlSIvA

#011: Ducati James (Caliphate)

January 15, 2018


January 15, 2018


January 13, 2018


January 12, 2018

#007: He’s Ready For Original Songs!

January 11, 2018

#001: Lex White

January 11, 2018

Today we’re joined by Lex White to talk about existentialism, technique, and truck crashes. Lex White plays Bluegrass like he was born with it in his blood! Born in Grass Valley California, one of the centers of West coast Bluegrass, to a family steeped in American traditional music, he was brought to every jam and…